Randy's Greenhouse LLC
562 Riverside Dr Athens, PA 18810


Lawn Care

With several years of service, Randy’s Greenhouse provides the best lawn care to leave your home looking radiant and green. With Pennsylvania’s harsh winters, it could sometimes have a negative effect on your lawn, and we make sure your lawn takes the most minimal damage with our various means of lawn protection.

We have several resources and means to take care of your lawn and leave you feeling prideful in your good looking lawn. We do everything from amend the soil, all the way adding and moving sprinklers for maximum efficiency. We work in fast and discreet ways to prevent any inconvenience for you.


We are deeply committed to fulfilling our client’s needs, through or various design plans and quality of work in a timely manner. Our highest level of detail in both the design and construction process makes us a leader among any other landscaping company.

Our working experience with our clients makes for a lasting relationship over the lifetime of any of our work. With several years of landscaping experience, our team provides the best work for the most affordable prices.


We have the experience and ability to grade any project whether it be your home or your business building. From trenching to the subterranean work, we can do it all from rough arranging the entire job-site, to excavating to the new buildings.

Our ample range of equipment and services mean that whatever your need, we can accommodate to your every need. We meet all your requirements, and provide the best team and equipment to get your job done on time and on budget.


Randy’s Greenhouse offers top quality plant material that leaves your home looking beautiful. We have continued to be one of Athens largest distributors of top quality plants since we were established in 1990. We offer the best materials for your greenhouse and make sure all your plants are looking radiant.

We pride ourselves in representing some of the state’s best color providers and we have been building great relationships with suppliers with only the best they have to offer. Our Florist quality fresh goods come in on weekly shipments.

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance team is dedicated to providing you with the best lawn care and providing you with the best and consistent service. We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of all types of lawn care and work to make sure you have the best lawn in your neighborhood.

We regularly come out to work on your yard and leave it looking beautiful and well kept. Our affordable prices and our experienced staff makes Randy Greenhouse an obvious choice for all your lawn care needs. We have the latest in all landscaping equipment which means we can work on any lawn.